The Society of St Vincent de Paul has a long and proud history of helping people in need in Sri Lanka.

The Society has been in Sri Lanka for over 100 years and has been actively involved in helping the needy in many ways. Housing Projects, Scholarship programs self employment projects working with the youth are some of the programs we have taken up during the years. Housing and repairs to houses is one of our major projects all over the island.

The Web Page of the Society was officially launched by Bro Renato Lima de Oliveira on 11th March 2017 during his visit to Sri Lanka. It was great having you and Bro Pandian as our guest even for a short period and we wish you well in you endeavors to uplift the Society of St. Vincent de Paul through out the world.




The year 2017 has been dedicated to St. Joseph Vaz the Saint from Sri Lanka.


 The third of six children, Vaz was born in 1651 at Benaulim, his mother's village in Goa, His parents, Cristóvão Vaz and Maria de Miranda, were devout Catholics.  Cristóvão belonged to a prominent Naik family of Sancoale. Joseph Vaz was baptised on the eighth day at the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist, Benaulim by its pastor, Jacinto Pereira. In 1675, Vaz was ordained a deacon for the Archdiocese of Goa by Custódio de Pinho, and in 1676, he was ordained a priest by the Archbishop of Goa, António Brandão, S.O.Cist.

Soon after his ordination, he started going barefoot to live like the poor and acquired a reputation as a popular preacher and confessor. He opened a Latin school in Sancoale for prospective seminarians. In 1677 he consecrated himself as a "slave of Mary", sealing it with a document known as the "Deed of Bondage".

Sri Lanka mission (1687–1711)

Hearing of the distressful situation of the Catholics of Ceylon who reportedly had no priests for many years, Vaz desired to go to their rescue. In 1686, Vaz obtained permission to give up this office and to proceed to Ceylon. He stopped in the Keladi Kingdom in 1686–1687 for a few months on his way to Ceylon, where helped by his companions, he attended to the spiritual needs of the local Christians. Disguised as a mendicant, he reached the port of Tuticorin on Easter Sunday 1687.

His Missions in Sri Lanka

Mannar       Jaffna       Sillalai       Puttalam       Veuda       Kandy    Smallpox in Kandy

Hanwella    Malwana    Colombo    Negambo    Manthota   Punarim, Kottiyar, Trincomalee, Batticaloa & Sammanturai

Crossing the Flooded Deduru Oya on Foot